Live Parking Maps

AIPARK provides live parking maps for developers.

Help your users find parking!

AIPARK provides live parking maps for developers. Easy-to-use and highly customizable. Open and free for non-commercial use. Available in 500 cities across 15 countries & counting.

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Parking Map Phones

Your product

Embed live parking maps in your product experience. Free SDKs on all platforms, mobile and web.

Open APIs

Make use of live parking maps on all connected platforms. All data is provided over Open APIs. On many platforms, we provide native SDKs to make the integration as easy as possible.

Build stunning mobility experiences using our SDKs for iOS and Android. Getting started is easy and takes less than 10 lines of code:

let aiparkcontroller = AIPARK(apikey: )
let test = ParkingAreaRequest(tiles: [Tile(x: 35209, y: 21496)])
aiparkcontroller.getParkingAreas(request: test) { (parkingareas) in
  for entry in parkingareas {

aipark Studio

Explore the data and control your subscription.


Manage, edit and visualize parking options in your area. A custom parking map for your organization.

Macbook with live parking map

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