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Add parking features. Add value.

Unleash the full potential of your service

Help your users cover the last mile with stunning parking features.

Location-based services are more important today than ever before. Billions of people rely on mobile apps to plan trips, where to eat or how to spend time. Add value to your app by integrating high-quality parking suggestions to improve user experience and to create new USPs.

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Smartphone Parking

Mobile payment of parking tickets is getting more and more popular all over the world. In a tough market environment, our parking data can help you offer new features that help your users find open parking spots. within the natural customer journey.

Navigation Apps

Everyone knows real-time traffic. So why not add real-time parking? Conventional navigation stops at the user’s destination – but that’s not really where one stops driving. Complement your service to cover the full journey from start to finish.

Event and Location Apps

Do you own a restaurant, bar, store orclub? Or do you host events, conferences or concerts? Help your guests have a smooth arrival. We provide the right data to bridge the last mile of their trip and find parking easily.

Get to know the ParkingCloud

The AIPARK Parking Cloud grants your customers access to the best parking information on the market. Our RESTful API is designed to integrate seamlessly with all apps on all platforms. Read more about its features or try out the developer portal to dive deeper into the data.


Value added for drivers

9 out of 10 drivers desire an assistant system that supports them when trying to find parking in cities. Integrating the ParkingCloud as Connected Car service enables you to improve driving comfort and increase customer satisfaction.

Vast filter options

Filter search results by cost, opening hours, type of parking & so forth. No matter if your users prefer free on-street spots or paid off-street parking – we have the right data. We know where to park – everywhere.

Intelligent Routing

The ParkingCloud takes the searching out of parking. We route your users to the best available spots near their destination. This optimal search route increases their success rate and keeps detours at a minimum.

Competitive advantage

AIPARK helps you complement your service portfolio with awesome new features.This means new USPs to be offered and new sources of revenues to be unlocked. Talk to us to find out how we can collaborate.

Try us

AIPARK is brought to you using a RESTful API and can be easily integrated into your existing products. Extend the functionalities of your service with parking area locations, meta data and occupancy information for millions of parking spots. As White Label Service, AIPARK is an immediate part of your applications. Contact us for access to our demo application or to get an API Key to try our service on a technical level. 
HD Parking Maps
The AIPARK Parking Cloud delivers detailed information for millions of parking spots including position, price, openings etc.
Real-time on-street parking
The ParkingCloud delivers real-time on-street parking based on data from a fleet of 5+ Million probe vehicles.
Real-time data feeds
The ParkingCloud is connected to data feeds from parking garages and monitored parking areas that broadcast their availability in real-time.
Predicted Parking Vacancy
Real world data is dirty and often incomplete. By deploying deep learning algorithms on vasts amounts of historic traffic data, the AIPARK ParkingCloud is able to predict parking vacancy, even in locations with no or sparse data available.