Parking Operators

Increase the efficiency of your parking facilities

Cost-efficient occupancy monitoring

Guide drivers directly to open spots within your facility

The times of excessive searching for parking are over. We provide the one-stop solution for digital driver guidance and reduction of search traffic. AIPARK ist the most cost-efficient system on the market for monitoring and sharing of availability information. Upgrade your open-access facility today.

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Increase utilization of your facilities

By providing better information about open parking capacities, over time utilization of open access parking facilities can be increased by up to 25%.

Reach out to your customers

Share your open capacities with your customers, even before they are arriving. The AIPARK ParkingCloud is connected to a variety of user frontends making it easy to inform drivers about open parking capacities in your facilities.

Detect parking violators faster

Detecting parking violators in unguarded parking facilities can be tedious and costly. AIPARK ParkingSensors are an effective way to detect parking violators and to take appropriate actions.

AIPARK ParkingSensor

AIPARK ParkingSensors are installed on light posts or masts and can monitor occupancy status of 10 to 20 parking spots, depending on field of view and installation height. They are streaming their data in realtime to the AIPARK ParkingCloud from where it is being distributed to drivers and your management tools. The sensor utilizes vehicle detection algorithms which are deployed directly on the device itself. This way ensure 100% conformity
with privacy laws.


web interface

Use our lightning-fast web application for parking management, traffic and usage analysis and status monitoring of your AIPARK ParkingSensors. It is easy-to-use and mobile-ready, so you can use it on any of your devices from traffic control center to smartphone.