Plans & Pricing

Flexible options that grow with you

  • Map API
  • Predictive API
  • Realtime API
  • Mobile SDKs
  • Studio
  • Public/free apps
  • Free to start
    0,- € up to
    • 200.000 calls / mo
    • 100.000 calls / mo
    • 50.000 calls
    • 50.000 monthly active users
  • Pay as you go
    1.30 € per
    • 1.000 calls / mo
    • 5000 calls / mo
    • 500 calls
    • 1.000 monthly active users
  • Behind a paywall?
    Contact Sales

When do I need to contact AIPARK sales?

  • Paid app or website (fee or subscription), except mobile applications paid through an app store
  • Private web app or website with restricted access
  • Asset tracking app or website to monitor people or things
This includes paid or private apps (ex: an internal dashboard or an application that others are charged to use).


Let’s talk!

Work with us for a custom plan tailored for your business:

Custom plans for commercial users
Volume discounts for over 5,000,000 transactions / month
aipark for on-premise applications
Enterprise SLA and support

Frequently asked questions

When am I charged based on monthly active users? When am I charged based on API usage?

Apps built with the aipark SDKs for Android, iOS, or React Native track usage with Monthly Active Users (MAU). This means each device using your app within a month counts as single MAU. Mobile apps built with hybrid frameworks and applications built on web technologies are charged on map views. All types of applications are metered for usage of the aipark APIs like map, predictive and realtime when they surpass what’s included with your plan.

What’s a map view?

A map view is one map tile when using aipark Studio or when using aipark via hybrid mobile frameworks. One Static API request also counts as one map view.

What happens if I exceed the free API requests included in my plan?

If you exceed the number of API requests included in your Pay-as-you-go plan or Commercial plan, additional requests are automatically served. We’ll send you an automated notice when you exceed your plan’s included requests, so you know when you’re being charged. As long as your payment information is valid, we will automatically invoice you. If you exceed the limit and don’t have payment information on your account, we’ll send you an email notifying you and give you a short grace period to pay us so your access won’t get shut down.