Realtime API

Open on-street parking spots in realtime. Ready to blend with your own custom user experience.


Low latency information

on open parking spots. Anywhere.

The realtime API gets drivers where they need to be faster than any other solution: It takes less than 20 seconds from the actual event of another driver leaving a parking spot until the information gets publicly available through the API. For hundreds of thousands of open parking spots every day.

Forget about building parking sensors in cities for collecting parking occupancy data. AIPARK realtime API has it all ready for you – at a fraction of the cost of installing and maintaining sensors.

At your hands
Navigation, Car Sharing, Parking Payment, your private tinkering project? Get your API, check out our SDK on GitHub Create and start building right away.


Getting started is easy

Getting started is super simple. Just post a request with your area of interest and time interval. Results are return in GeoJSON format and easy to be used in your application.

Reference implementation online
To get started, have a look on our Github sites for reference implementations and use cases.

You can find the SDKs for Android and iOS here:



Currently, the realtime API service is available within these specifications:

Sec. latency from car to car

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